Go Meatless on Labour Day • 1 May 2013• 12 noon

Do you know how much water and energy needed for meat production? Livestock are responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, a bigger share than that of transport.

Less Meat = Less Heat

For our health
For the environment
For kindness towards animals

Let’s go meatless this labour day. Play our part to stop the global warming.


You are invited to a beautiful home in the north of the island.
Wednesday, 1 May From 12 noon onwards.
(Address will be given after sign up)

It will be a potluck session.
Bring a meatless dish for about 2 people. If you need help, visit http://www.vss.sg for ideas or simply contact the organiser.

Sign up for this event and other regular events @ http://www.bit.ly/MOVEWeeklyEvents

You may also call 6787 9503 or text/whatsapp 9011 3220 to sign up or for enquires.

See you this Labour Day!

Meatlessly yours,

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