IndigNation 2013

IndigNation 2013
Singapore Homegrown Pride Season
3 – 31 Aug

IndigNation 2013
The 9th annual showcase of Singapore LGBT community’s multi-facetedness. Theme:”Faith in the Future”- looking ahead to what possibilities there are for the LGBT community.

MOVE Community appreciates the great effort of IndigNation team and would like to invite all our friends to attend the events together. Please visit Indignation facebook page for more details on IndigNation and a complete event listings: &

To participate in any of the IndigNation events this year with MOVE Community, please sign up at the respective FB page of the the event AND*. Feel free to sign-up for your friends too. All are welcome 🙂

*We will contact you nearer to the respective event date for meeting time and place. For enquiries, please contact Andrew at 9011 3220. (SMS/whatsapp friendly)

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