3 Exciting Events . 1 Rainbow Community

3 in 1 Weekend
3 Exciting Events . 1 Rainbow Community

28 & 29 Sep 2013

28 Sep, Saturday, 11.30am
It’s volunteer time again! Let’s contribute our time to serve the needy elderly/patients staying at Ang Mo Kio Thye Hua Kwan Rehabilitation Hospital. This event is only open to volunteer who have gone through basic volunteer training conducted by the hospital.

28 Sep, Saturday, 8.30pm
Are you GAYME Enough 2013? (AYGE) Come join us to attend this community event organised by Oogachaga – be a contestant or audience. Visit the following link for more details.

29 Sep, Sunday, 10.30am (TBC)
Volleyball season is just round the corner, some of our members and friends are participating in this competition and we need your support. We are looking for sponsors or volunteers who like to coordinate or distribute food and drink for about 100 players.

The Garden Slug (TGS) is happy to offer complimentary refreshing Pink Lemonade with any order, together with 10% discount for participants dining at TGS on the same day of competition.

Exact meeting time and place for the above events will be advised after sign-up.

**** The above events are brought to you by MOVE Community, supported by The Garden Slug (TGS)****

Sign up for the events at http://www.bit.ly/MOVE-IT or simply sms/whatsapp to 9011 3220. Email:myevent.move@gmail.com

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