MORE THAN 60 activities in 2013 with MOVE Community

MORE THAN 60 activities in 2013, across the country from Chinese Garden, Yishun to Pasir Ris! ;p It is an amazing year 2013 well spent together with new friends and good old friends!

*** Event Highlights of 2013 ***

Sports & Health
Badminton Games with Friends
Kayaking at Kallang River
Yoga. Connecting your mind, body and breath.
Walk for Health!
Volunteer at Community Volleyball Game

* * *

Travel & Leisure / Places of Interest
Wet Escapade – Songkran Festival
Haw Par Villa Adventure
Garden in the West
Wild Wild Wet

* * *

Festive & Celebrations
MOVE Community Launch Celebration
CNY LoHei Celebration Dinner
Good Friday Specials! MOVIE NiTe
Go Meatless on Labour Day
Halloween 2013 Special: The Co-Existence of BIG Bullies! & The Bullied…
Deepavali Special: Season of Light . Hope . Peace
Almost 2014

* * *

Art, Culture & Interests
Road to Love, a playback theatre
Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration
I Love Kuching. Loving cats in our lives and neighbourhoods
Singapore Biennale 2013: If The World Changed. The Art from the 50s to the 70s at The National Museum

* * *

Volunteer & Community
Earth Hour – Uniting People to Protect the Planet
Be a Volunteer & Make a Difference!
Queer Got Talents! { King & Queen of KTV } Prelude
Going to Pink Dot together
IndigNation 2013 :Singapore Homegrown Pride Season
Balik Kampung with us. Are you ready to get your hands dirty?


ARE YOU READY to MOVE with us in 2014?
Akan datang . Coming soon .


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