Chinese Tea Appreciation & Food Pairing

Come and Explore the World of Tea with us at Simply Eden

Tea has been enjoyed around the world for hundreds of years and holds a special place in many cultures. Simply Eden is running a series of tea appreciation workshops to explore different aspects of tea and tea drinking.

Tea is one of the Chef Clement Ng’s passions and he has been collecting and researching tea for many years. He also makes his own fusion teas using herbs and flowers and he will share his knowledge and passion in these sessions.

Chinese Tea and Food Pairing 
15 March, Saturday, 2.30pm – 4.30 pm
Venue: Simply Eden, 164 East Coast

There are some amazing Chinese teas with very distinctive flavours. At this workshop you will:
· Taste and learn about the history and cultivation of different blends of Chinese tea.
· Learn how to prepare it to enhance the flavours.
· Learn about the foods that work best with the teas and enjoy food specially prepared to compliment some of the China’s most famous teas.

Original Cost: $50 per person per workshop. Cost includes sample teas and accompanying food and a goody bag of sample teas to take away and enjoy later.

*** A special 20% off promotion is given to group of 5 (or more) friends of MOVE Community.

Please sign up here 

or contact Andrew at 9011 3220. Email: Feel free to share, invite and sign up for your friends. Spaces are limited so please book early.
This activity is warmly supported by The Garden Slug and Dough Empire

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