Gourmet Nites – Good Food . Nice People

Food, movie, music, sharing session/discussion, interest groups.
Gourmet Nites welcome new and old friends of MOVE.

12 Dec 2015, Saturday, 6.30pm
Prelude of of Christmas 2015 special menu

19 Dec 2015, Saturday, 6.30pm
Winter Solstice Special

26 Dec 2015, Saturday & Sunday 12.30pm | 6.30pm
27 Dec 2015, Saturday & Sunday 12.30pm | 6.30pm
Christmas 2015 Special

Venue : Rainbow House @ AMK
Recommended: S$29 (or 1 Gourmet/Gift Voucher) per event date. All proceeds will contribute towards MOVE’s events & programmes 2016.

For a very happy and memorable gourmet experience, do let the chef knows about your date, preferences and special requests at http://www.bit.ly/mygourmetnites

Please RSVP at least 2 days before the respective event date. Sign up for your friends too! ALL are welcome!!

Gourmet-line: Rainbow House Gourmet-line 6451 0375 / 9011 3220 (SMS/WhatsApp) or myevent.move@gmail.com

For sponsorship opportunities or related matters, kindly contact Andrew at 9011 3220 or email andrewchan.move@gmail.com

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