National Day Parade 2016 – Fireworks!

MOVE presents a picnic to watch the fireworks @ NDP 2016! Join us as we welcome Singapore into the first year of the next 50 years!

The National Day Parade returns to Kallang in 2016 so the fireworks would be well seen around the Sports Hub.

The parade begins at 6.15pm and should end by 8.30pm.

This will be a potluck picnic. Please feel free to bring food of your own. To prevent wastage, please consider to only bring 2 food items and 1 drink (either bottles or packets; latter would be highly appreciated).

Our organising team will be there earlier to set up the picnic. Please gather at Exit B of Nicoll Highway station (Circle line) before 4pm. For those who can only reach after 4pm, we will make pickups at 5pm and 6pm.

**As the place is expected to be very crowded, please do not come too late. If you are expected to reach after 6, it will be difficult for us to pick you up. Due to the crowd, it will be rather difficult to pinpoint where we are located.

You may access the venue via NIcoll Highway station (exit B). The name of the park is ‘Marina Promenade’ but this park stretches from Nicoll Highway to Promenade. We will be at the Nicoll Highway (northern) part of this park.


You are encouraged to bring a camera to capture the fireworks moments. We will be situated directly opposite the sports hub and will be in a good clearing to see the fireworks.

The parade is expected to end at 8.30pm. It is best to have a buffer time of 30 minutes to allow the crowd to lessen before making a move.

No extended hours are expected as the next day is a working day. You may arrange to have further meals or chillout with other people at the event at your own discretion.

Rain hardly falls on National Day. In the unlikely case of heavy rain, we will move to exit A of Nicoll Highway station or to the elevated walkway which links the station to Concorde building.

a. Via your MOVE point of contact
b. Via private message to us!
c. Via Google forms:
**Check Ticketing URL for RSVP-ing via Google forms!

By joining any event organized by MOVE Community, you agree that MOVE Community is not responsible for any injury or discomfort that happens to you during the event, whether physically or mentally. You will also agree that you will take responsible to resolve any conflict you have with other participant(s) by yourself. On the other hand, please respect the privacy of others and treat others like you want to be treated.

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