MOVE Community – Kite-Flying 2017 / Potluck Picnic

MOVE Community presents a kite-flying event in May! Join us for a second round of kite flying in honour of IDAHO (17 May).

This is an all-inclusive activity. Everyone is welcome. Share, invite your friends and loved ones to join and celebrate together with us.

Not sure of the first event in 2014? Check out this event URL!

We will meet at Marina Barrage at 2.15PM. Please be at the entrance to Marina Barrage (which has a sign showing in big, “MARINA BARRAGE”).

Marina Barrage is accessible by bus or train. You may access it via Bayfront station on the Circle/Downtown line with a 21 minute walk, or simply take bus 400 from Marina Bay station on the North-South/Circle line.

Bring yourself definitely. And we will have a potluck so please bring any foodstuff as well. If you don’t have a kite, that is fine too.

If you have attended the event in 2014, please come in the tee shirt you have worn then!

In the case of wet weather, we can attend the Kristang Language Festival nearby at the Civic District!

a. via a MOVE point-of-contact
b. via email:
c. via FB event page:
**So that we can locate you on the day itself, it would be great if you could put in your contact details in the Google form sheet here:

By joining any event organized by MOVE Community, you agree that MOVE Community is not responsible for any injury or discomfort happen to you during the event, whether physically or mentally. You will also agree that you will take responsible to resolve any conflict you have with other participant(s) by yourself. On the other hand, please respect other participant’s privacy and treat other like you want to be treated.

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