MOVE Community
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Who is MOVE Community?

MOVE Community is a LGBT friendly social & community club in Singapore formed in 2013. We create life-enriching social programmes for people to stay connected and care for one another. Our vision is to be an inclusive and sustainable community club that nurtures life-long relationships.

2. What does MOVE Community do?

We create a variety of social programmes of diverse interests.
Enrichment workshops, sharing sessions, art and culture appreciation, theatre and movies, yoga & sports, nature walk, good food hunting, dinner gathering, festive celebrations, health talk, travel & leisure, community events, volunteering works.

Check out our Current Events and Calendar page.
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3. Who is behind MOVE Community?

MOVE Community is founded by a group of close friends who often organises social activities for gay men. Currently, it is managed by a committee of four individuals who are passionate for the course.

4. Why does MOVE Community exist?

Despite the differences and unique characteristics of individuals, groups, or organisations, there is a great possibility of people coming together to build a sustainable LGBT community.

5. What does MOVE mean?

MOVE means:

1. To progress; to be active
2. To arouse affection or compassion
3. Touching one’s life

6. When was it founded?

The idea was first formed in August 2012. After months of preparation and fine tuning, it was launched on 1 January 2013 online.

7. What is the difference between events under MOVE Community and other community groups?

There are many LGBT organisations and groups in Singapore with diverse objectives serving different segments of LGBT community. It ranges from offline platforms for HIV prevention, counselling, interest or religious groups, youth support, to online platforms like portals and forums.

MOVE Community strives to create an exciting community experience. We not only design our own unique programmes and activities but also seek opportunities to co-create activities with other community partners, organisations, groups or individuals.

8. How do I subscribe to MOVE Community mailing list?
You may subscribe to our mailing list via https://movecommunity.org/contact

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  1. Alvin says:

    Hi I would like to know is the subscription free?

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